Break the Lice Life Cycle

What are head lice

Teeny, tiny bugs (like sesame seeds) that nest in your hair and suck your blood.

How can I tell I have lice

If your head is really itchy, check for little beige eggs and brown bugs crawling around.

Where do lice come from?

They crawl from one head to another, or from a comb , hat and a jacket that has been shared before.


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How to Eliminate both lice and their eggs

1. Kill Lice

Firstly, use the pesticide free, non-toxic lice Trap Shampoo to remove head lice!

2. Remove Nits

Secondly, use our Lice Trap Comb to Assist locating stubborn eggs. and help remove any remaining lice & nits.

3. Clean House!

Last but not least, wash your clothes, sheets, combs and brushes. Remember to put your toys in a plastic bag for at least 2 weeks and vacuum.

The Benefits of Using the Lice Trap Shampoo

  • Pesticide Free
  • Safe for repeated Applications
  • Advanced Foamer Applicator
  • Dissolves Nit Glue

How To Use Lice Trap Shampoo

Wet your hair with warm  water at a bath or kitchen sink. Towel dry
DO NOT use this product while taking a bath or showering.
place a clean wash towel over your eyes for protection.


1. Using mild pressure with your bare hands and fingers, work the Lice Trap Shampoo
through the wet hair down the scalp and
to the ends of the your hair. DO NOT RINSE YET.

2. Leave the Lice Trap Shampoo treatment on your hair and scalp at least 30 minutes and
protect your eyes at all times.

3. Repeat the process at least 3 times or until half of the bottle is used.

4. With shampoo still in your hair, comb through the hair with a fine tooth comb.
you may apply any hair conditioner at this point to relax the hair and assist in
removing the nits that have been released.

5. Rinse thoroughly with a strong spray of warm water.
The dead lice and nits will gently rinse out.

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